I received this mixer as a wedding present six years ago and it has gone the distance. In my opinion, for the money it is a great deal. I finally burned out the motor in a batch of really really stiff frosting, but it has been a serious work horse. I didn’t ever use it for things like cookie dough, but for whipping cream and egg whites and lots of frosting–some stiffer than cookie dough–this mixer did it all, and as mentioned above, it withstood six years of pretty regular use (and abuse).


The snap-on case on mine never fit very well and was prone to falling off, but it was not a big deal. I also felt like the beaters were tricky to snap in securely on one side and it would sometimes fall out, which was annoying but not a real problem. I hardly ever used the whisk since the beaters worked great for everything. After several years of dishwashing the beaters have started to show scratches in the finish but not enough to make me not want to use them. For the home baker, this is a great mixer at an even better price. – Adance24


Back by the overwhelming demand of anonymous Internet searchers (who are already far ahead of their holiday gift planning than I am!), here’s our list of no fewer than 53 inexpensive holiday gift ideas!
For even more gift ideas, check out our holiday gift guide, with ideas ranging from the under-$50 to the $100 range.
A note: “It’s the thought that counts” is a cliché—a facile way to excuse bad or lazy gift-giving. But, as you’ll see from these picks, it’s really not money, but thoughtfulness, that distinguishes a so-so gift from a great one.

For The Home

A potted plant
Once Christmas is over, the winter months can feel like a dreary, leafless wasteland. A little bit of indoor plant life can inject some much needed green (of the non-$$ variety) into the gloom of January and February. Also great for a friend who’s considering getting a pet or starting a family, and who needs a little practice in keeping something alive.
A nice poster or print in a good frame.
If your friends are anything like 95% of the people in their 20s, their walls are totally bare, or covered up with unframed posters left over from college. Picking out decor for other people is always dicey, but the Internet is full of a lot of talented artists making really cool stuff. Are they really into music? Maybe find a nice concert poster from their favorite band. Are they really into Dr. Who? The Internet is overflowing with fan art, and a unique, high-quality print usually costs no more than $20. Look on Tumblr or Etsy to find out what’s available.
It may take a little searching, of both the Internet and your memory of your friend’s passions, to find just the right print, but it’ll be worth it.
Shop for posters at All Posters.
Decorative recipe cards and a cute little box, with a few of your favorite recipes already inside.
Recipes from a book or the Internet are great, but there’s something especially wonderful about recipes you get from other people. And no need to worry about spilling canola oil all over your iPad.
A kitchen tool or two
It takes a long time to stock your first kitchen, especially with stuff that’s going to last. For that friend who needs basics, think a can opener, potato peeler, or corkscrew. If you want to get fancier, you could go for a garlic press, a potato masher, or a pastry cutter.  Maybe throw in a pretty tea towel for some color.
Ship for kitchen items at Williams-Sonoma.
Scented candles
In those weeks leading up to Christmas, everyone’s house smells of delicious pine. In the weeks after, when that pine tree’s desiccated corpse has been tossed out into the street for trash pickup, a nice scented candle can fill (with a lovely aroma) the void it left behind.
Be mindful, however, that some people were born with very sensitive olfactory senses, and may find strongly scented candles aggravating rather than soothing.
Christmas tree ornament
We all had those favorite ornaments as a kid, the ones we fought with our siblings to be able to put on the tree ourselves, the ones whose origins we didn’t know but whose presence was a cherished part of our childhood. Now that we’re all grown up, it’s time to start building Christmas ornament collections of our own. With each ornament you give, you’re helping your friend get one step closer to not having to throw a whole bunch of those gold balls (that always fall off) on their tree.

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Though this mid-capacity food processor has its drawbacks (please see my review of Black and Decker’s 10-cup PowerPro model for the low-down on the unstable suction-cup feet), you certainly can’t beat the price–especially if you’re considering buying one of those tiny food choppers which hold no more than a few cups and can’t take the heat during heavy use.


We’ve owned several of the latter and were always disappointed in that they couldn’t even chop well; half the food clung to the sides of the bowl, while that in the middle tended to get pulverized. The blade of an expensive brand’s jammed on its flimsy pin stem grinding raisins and was not able to be repaired without returning to the manufacturer. This processor, on the other hand, not only chops but shreds and slices quite decently, with more power and a larger work bowl.

We made a cottage cheesecake to test it and the results were pretty smooth. The metal blade did a good job of powdering the grated dry cheese flavoring when blended with the sugar, and the sloped bowl kept the sticky mixture down on the bottom where it should be. The bowl leaked thin liquids under the limit line, however, so we returned it and got the 10-cup model, which has a dough blade for larger bread recipes, two speeds, and a bigger feed tube.


When I first went for a holiday outside Malaysia, my skin got so dry it bled. I could hardly walk because the skin on my thighs had gotten so dry and the constant rubbing between them as I walked only aggravated the situation. This was among my top concerns when I got a scholarship to study in the UK. Would I be constantly suffering from dry skin once I get there?

With the whole country being a huge dehumidifier, dehumidifier reviews would be the last thing on my Google search box. In the end, my fears were unfounded. In fact, my hair was in its lustrous prime and my skin was as healthy as it was in Malaysia. The houses there had more mold problems because of the humidity from the indoor and outdoor temperature difference. It goes to say that a two week holiday doesn’t really tell you anything at all about a country.

The summer is really one of the best seasons of the year. We get to stay out in the sun by the beach with the bright blue skies over our heads and the sandy shore on our feet. But Mum always dislikes summer as it will turn the whole house into one burning oven! So this time around, Dad decided to get the best whole house dehumidifier in town to turn the heat down in the house. It was a white color unit, not a very tall one but fits perfectly next to the grandfather clock we have in the living room.

Dad would turn on the unit every noon for a few hours before turning it off before bedtime. We really can sense the difference that this unit brings to our home as there was not much heat in the house anymore, although the sun is brightly shining daily. It really affects the air flow in our house and turn it into a comfortable home for all of us. Click here for more information.

I was browsing the net trying to look for a good bread machine for my mom for her upcoming birthday. She loves to bake breads but she has never used any bread machine before. I thought that maybe if I can get the best bread machine for her, she can have all the more fun making breads at home.

I saw a lot of good recommendations on this Zojirushi bread machine because this machine is stable and reliable. Some say that it can last up to five years which is a bit longer than other bread machines.

Like any other bread machine, this Zojirushi bread machine has a dual-blade to make 2 pounds loaves, 10 pre-programmed settings which I find amazing and they even have 3 crust shades.

According to some comments, the thing that makes this machine stand out is that it has a custom program cycle which not many bread machines offer. The machine also comes with a nice recipe book which makes it a great gift package for anyone.

There are four main types of cookware. They are the stainless steel cookware, cast iron cookware, aluminum cookware and copper cookware. All these types of cookware have their respective pros and cons. Deciding on which is the best cookware will require some thorough comparison of their advantages and disadvantages.

The stainless steel cookware is the most common cookware types. Its advantages include durability and scratch resistant but it does not conduct heat well. Cast iron cookware is the more conventional type of cookware. It is extremely durable and inexpensive but it tends to react with food during cooking.

Aluminum cookware, on the other hand, has the best heat conduction among all the cookware types. However, it reacts with food during cooking and it gets dented and scratched easily.

Copper cookware has the best heat conduction but it is also not quite safe to use due to the fact that it does react with food. Plus, it requires regular polishing to maintain it.