I received this mixer as a wedding present six years ago and it has gone the distance. In my opinion, for the money it is a great deal. I finally burned out the motor in a batch of really really stiff frosting, but it has been a serious work horse. I didn’t ever use it for things like cookie dough, but for whipping cream and egg whites and lots of frosting–some stiffer than cookie dough–this mixer did it all, and as mentioned above, it withstood six years of pretty regular use (and abuse).


The snap-on case on mine never fit very well and was prone to falling off, but it was not a big deal. I also felt like the beaters were tricky to snap in securely on one side and it would sometimes fall out, which was annoying but not a real problem. I hardly ever used the whisk since the beaters worked great for everything. After several years of dishwashing the beaters have started to show scratches in the finish but not enough to make me not want to use them. For the home baker, this is a great mixer at an even better price. – Adance24