I was browsing the net trying to look for a good bread machine for my mom for her upcoming birthday. She loves to bake breads but she has never used any bread machine before. I thought that maybe if I can get the best bread machine for her, she can have all the more fun making breads at home.

I saw a lot of good recommendations on this Zojirushi bread machine because this machine is stable and reliable. Some say that it can last up to five years which is a bit longer than other bread machines.

Like any other bread machine, this Zojirushi bread machine has a dual-blade to make 2 pounds loaves, 10 pre-programmed settings which I find amazing and they even have 3 crust shades.

According to some comments, the thing that makes this machine stand out is that it has a custom program cycle which not many bread machines offer. The machine also comes with a nice recipe book which makes it a great gift package for anyone.