The summer is really one of the best seasons of the year. We get to stay out in the sun by the beach with the bright blue skies over our heads and the sandy shore on our feet. But Mum always dislikes summer as it will turn the whole house into one burning oven! So this time around, Dad decided to get the best whole house dehumidifier in town to turn the heat down in the house. It was a white color unit, not a very tall one but fits perfectly next to the grandfather clock we have in the living room.

Dad would turn on the unit every noon for a few hours before turning it off before bedtime. We really can sense the difference that this unit brings to our home as there was not much heat in the house anymore, although the sun is brightly shining daily. It really affects the air flow in our house and turn it into a comfortable home for all of us. Click here for more information.